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Do you face these problems?


Key points of our solution:

    •     Unified generation, maintenance and management

Production resources including raw material, equipment and human resource are hard to coordinate and manage.
The fast-changing process route requires frequent switching of equipment and process.
Customer requirements are changing, so production planning management is greatly needed.
The long and complicated component process route makes it hard to manage work in process and control product quality. 

Underlying data and code management


Underlying data: material list, material code, process data, capacity data and so on

    •     Data sharing and redundancy avoidance 

Feasible and unified coding rule:​

    •     Ensure the accuracy of information delivered to other departments

    •     Guarantee the uniqueness of the material code 

    •     The coding code should be applicable to the industry and enterprise. 

    •     Set up the rule for applying for product code

    •     Demonstrate characteristics on the basis of standardization.

    Material coding: Material management covers color, size, etc. and should demonstrate        the characteristics on the basis of standardization. ​

Microsoft ERP’s finished product coding method: The system is equipped with dimension management function, so information such as color and size can be defined via dimension when encode. 


Inventory management  

    •      Manage inventory according to warehouse and storage rack

    •     Manage substance and warehouse bookkeeping according to attribute and batch                 number

    •     Bar code management of finished products and components in case of inbound                   and  outbound

   Batch number management of material inventory ​

    •     Track a couple of materials such as product, semi-finished product and raw material

    •     Can be applied to production batch, purchase batch and so on

Material warehouse management

    •     Manage inventory according to warehouse and storage rack 

    •     Manage substance and warehouse bookkeeping according to attribute and batch                number


Material code management 

Principles: unique, simple, expandable, user-friendly

Finished product coding: 

    •     Finished product management covers type, series, style(model), texture, color, size              and so on.


    •     Track the whole flow of the product via the batch number

Finished product warehouse management

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