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Do you face these problems?

How to control cost?

How to manage quotation?

How to make a production planning?


Support global layout: multi-company, multi-language and multi-currency


•     The standard system is flexible enough.

•     The open codes and the reserved framework can be used to develop tailored system          for customers. 


Powerful business analysis function

•     Unified and friendly user interface, which is the same as the standard Windows and          MS Office.

•     Satisfy customer demands by offering various types of window interfaces such as             card, list, and document.

•     Stepless query and document navigation help users quickly acquire information               needed.



Easy to develop, implement and maintain


Support flexible and custom business process

Microsoft Dynamics Navision features:

How to encode finished products and manage inventory?


Microsoft Dynamics NAV adopts material code generator to improve encoding efficiency and reduce code redundancy. This generator builds code according to the rule set up by users, and the system will warn if the material information that the user selects has already existed. In this way can company standardize coding and avoid repeated codes. 


Material tracking management

The material batch tracking function of Microsoft Dynamics NAV enables users to follow up the goods so as to ensure their quality and enhance operation efficiency. 

Material dimension


The dimension function allows you to define the same type of finished goods or material as the same material code but different dimensions. The attribute of material is classified by color, texture and so on. 


Multi-unit and multi-attribute warehouse management of finished goods

Users can set up multi warehouse codes in the system, meanwhile, the system will generate stock position based on its defined coding rules. Users will be asked to enter corresponding data such as warehouse, storage location, and code in case of material inbound and outbound. Detailed information of transition and inventory will be recorded.

Quotation management


With quotation management function, the system will automatically work out the quote for users in accordance with the real-time unit price of material futures( or unit cost preset), product BOM and manufacturing process. Users should set the expected gross profit in advance, so the system will calculate the accurate quote for you.


Production structure management

Material list and process route are easy to automatically link on the same interface. Corresponding BOM and Routing will be automatically generated and association with material link will be established at the same time. It reduces the time to set up association between material and BOM as well as Routing and avoids error. 

Merged material withdrawal management


This functionality allows merged material withdrawal in the same workshop and warehouse according to the work orders assigned by users, which simplifies procedure and improves working efficiency.

Key points of our solution


Material code and multi attributes management


Microsoft Dynamics NAV can merge and optimize production orders with the same working center, material, position, variable and unit. 

Merged production

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