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Incomplete monitoring system and poor execution outcome

Can’t copy service standard quickly


Ineffective customer relationship management

Difficult shift arrangement; can’t quantify daily workload


Encounter time bottleneck between headquarters and branches due to the wide geographical coverage of the project

Poor execution outcome of budget system resulting from imperfect enterprise resource planning system



Do you face these problems?


Our solution features:big data analysis; intensive management; automatic and smart operation; real-time data feedback; Internet of Things technology and interconnectivity 

Our system advantages     




Enhance the quality and efficiency of management by means of high automatization and informationization 

Customer satisfaction

Improve customer satisfaction by providing efficient and precise property management service

Core Values

Centralized management 

Greatly improve management efficiency through transiting from decentralized performance of multi-level management to step-by-step performance of centralized management 

Real-time service

Transform from delayed to real-time operation, so respond to customer’s demand immediately

Data driven

Convert from process driven to data driven, changing the key element of enterprise operation

Improve efficiency

Optimize management and service process, reduce communication cost and improve efficiency 

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