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What is Microsoft Dynamics CRM?


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The Power of Choice


Why choose Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

●Lead nurturing and opportunity management
●Account, Contact and Competitor management
●Pricing, Order and Invoice management
●Product families and properties, cross-selling and up-selling
●Goal and target management plus sales performance analytics
●Sales activities, tracking and schedule plus sales team collaboration

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a system that helps you track all your customer interactions and data. With Dynamics CRM, you can easily share customer information with all your people, through multiple channels. Everyone in your company has the full picture of what your customers want and need.

Dynamics CRM easily works with programs you already know how to use. Simple integration with Outlook makes communication management a breeze. Email campaigns can be automated and Excel spreadsheets can be imported without losing formatting. 


Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers organizations the power of choice in deployment. Dynamics CRM supports on-premise, in-the-cloud and partner-hosted deployment options. All the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM are available regardless of whether you use on-premises installation or use CRM in the cloud with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, thus giving you the power of choice. Microsoft is a leader in cloud-based services, with data centers across the world, it supports a robust physical network and attains strict data security.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s intuitive user interface ranks amongst the highest in user adoption. Its ability to connect with other Microsoft tools, such as Microsoft Outlook, is unmatched in the market. And Dynamics CRM is much more than a data entry system. It’s intelligent, informative, and drives a streamlined approach to managing customers and key relationships. It’s a valuable tool that not only equips teams to be more productive and educated with the work they do, but also gain deeper insights into the entire customer relationship across multiple business units.

●Marketing target segmentation
●Multi-channel campaign management
●Marketing and promotion activities
●Lead management
●Marketing action analytics
●Microsoft Dynamics marketing connector availability

●Social marketing
●Social care
●Social sales insight
●Social profile and activities
●Social media integration ready
●Microsoft social listening


●Case management, registration and auto-routing
●Cross-channel customer service
●Service scheduling
●Knowledge base and article sharing and publication
●Customer service performance analytics
●Self-service portal and service agent enablement


Customer relationship management (CRM) is the systematic oversight and maintenance of consumer relationships, and the data, sales, and engagements that go along with it. CRM systems and applications help businesses easily organize and track customer information, all in one place.


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